Selected Courses to Serve Your Purpose

Cappivan Institute is established with an aim to provide superior English training to help individuals climb the rungs of the career ladder. Our English trainer is passionate about English. He has worked in several MNCs and has provided training in corporate offices, schools, government establishments, nursing colleges, and so on.

Our wide selection of courses is keenly designed for students to eliminate the fear of speaking English and enable them to speak confidently. We comprehend that English is necessary across all verticals of our life. So, our courses enable you to improve your writing, reading, and speaking skills.

We provide Beginner’s English, Spoken English with Grammar, IELTS Coaching, Learn and Speak, Confident Communication, and Powerful Public Speaking classes in Yelahanka. All our courses are tailored for professionals who are wedged in a particular position and are unable to rise beyond as communication is a barrier.

English is widely used in media and literature, and the amount of books published yearly in India makes it the third-largest in the world after the US and UK. English not only provides opportunities for better employment but also empowers lives.

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