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In this era of globalisation, English language is being used by many people, from younger generation to older generation. English is no more a foreign language. It is a standard that media and internet use, as well as widely applied in education, business, entertainment, politics, and so on. Though there are positive sides of knowing English, pronunciation and regional language interference (RLI) or otherwise said as mother tongue influence (MTI) are adversely impacting the usage of English way. Some examples of MTI are: ‘iskool’, ‘istudent’, ‘plezar’, ‘requesht’, instead of school, student, please, request. Anyone can figure out the ethnicity/nationality of someone with the way he/she uses the dialects that interfere with English speaking.

To further this, appropriate grammar knowledge is important to form a phrase, sentence while speaking or writing. To help reduce vagueness, it is vital to learn from a proficient language trainer to practice the pronunciation of English words and improve speaking skills. Learning English is not at all a vain. The skills developed will aid individuals to compete in the world of work.

Benefits of learning English/ Benefits of being proficient in the English language

  • Keeps your brain sharp

Studies have shown that the brain undergoes changes when you learn a new language. In fact, the brain changes to handle challenges as you give yourself an extra rigorous workout to master the language. When you decide to learn English, meaning knowing the second language can help you stay cognitively healthy and have better memories.

  • Huge asset for your company

In today’s global society, the ability to communicate effectively and confidently with international clients will allow you to hone leadership qualities. From meetings and negotiations, managing and writing reports, giving presentations, to building lasting business relationships with colleagues and managers, English fluency is expected. Good communication gives you an edge over other candidates while applying for a particular position.

  • Climb the career ladder

English is a default global language for communication. A survey from LinkedIn has revealed that 90% of HR Directors, CEOs and CMOs claimed that having fluent English-speaking professionals are beneficial to their business. That’s why being able to communicate with international and potential clients can significantly boost your pay bump and be successful.

  • Best language to learn for travel

As there are over 50 English-speaking countries around the world, English is almost an unofficial second language because of expats and tourists. If you’re a hodophile, you will have a good chance to meet English speakers in many cities. Being able to use the phrases correctly without flaws in grammar will give you the freedom to explore different places joyously, independently and creatively.

  • Get into great schools

If you desire admission to some of the best schools like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, or Cambridge, then knowing English would be beneficial. Nowadays, getting entrance to top schools has become much more challenging than a decade ago. It is estimated that around 2 billion people around the world will learn English in a period of a few years. Are you one among them?

  • Become a better writer

Developing a daily writing habit and learning how to expand basic sentences into more elaborated ones, will improve your communication skills. Before you write, read as much as you can and be able to look for their meanings to evade the repetition of words. This is the #1 tip for improving your English writing & speaking. Writing is usually more formal and more structured than speaking, paying attention to grammar will prepare you to be a professional writer and earn good money.

  • Enjoy classic literature and films

Many of the world’s classic works of film and literature were created in English. While gaining access to translated copies, the true feeling of film or literature is missed. To get the best experience of Hollywood film, knowing English will open up thousands of movies, television shows, and games for your enjoyment. By learning English, there is no need to rely on translations and subtitles anymore to enjoy your favourite shows or films.

  • Immigration benefits

For some families or individuals, moving to a new country can become arduous as you must pass an English test. This can hinder your plans and goals. One of the best ways to learn English is to broaden your horizons and get extensive training on speaking English fluently. The valuable guidance from an expert trainer will ensure you develop your English skills.

  • Better equipped to learn English slang words

The idea of equipping yourself with a better understanding of English is to have a beneficial edge. The speech in terms of “language” and “dialect” differs from place to place. A person can comprehend if he or she has a good understanding of General American English, which is being commonly spoken around the world. While some slang of English might still give even native English speakers a hard time, knowing English is quite useful to know the world around you.

The list above is not limited. More than 50 percent of the world’s technical and scientific periodicals are in English.

Now you understood the major benefits of learning English it’s time to enroll for the English Speaking with Grammar course.

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